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FINDING GOD (My Testimony)

Updated: Sep 24

Many years ago when I was a young man I experienced a personal encounter with Almighty God through the presence and power of His Holy Spirit. This powerful encounter came when I cried out to God for help from a place of extreme fear and desperation! I was completely "overwhelmed" with a fear greater than anything I had ever experienced because I had recently become aware in a very real way that the severe penalty of eternal punishment was placed upon me because of breaking many of God's laws over and over again throughout my life!

The reason this became such a powerful reality to me is because not long before this time I had experienced a very powerful awakening when I discovered "solid proof" of God's reality, which is existing in the world today right before everyone's eyes! This powerful awakening brought me face to face with the reality of God! When God became very real to me, then so did the reality of how horribly wrong I had been toward the Great Creator and that because of breaking His laws the severe penalty of eternal punishment was placed upon me!

I read in chapter 12 of Genesis how The Almighty God promised a man who was named Abraham that He was going to make a great nation from his descendants and that He would give a certain land to him and his descendants to be their possession throughout all eternity! The great awakening came when I read on in the Bible to make the amazing discovery that the nation God promised to make from Abraham's descendants is a very well-known nation existing right here in the world today! This is "proof" of God's reality because it proves that He really did what He promised Abraham He was going to do!

The Bible reveals the identity of this nation in Genesis 35:9-13 where it records how God came and spoke to Abraham’s grandson, whose name was Jacob, and gave him a new name, “God appeared to Jacob again, when he came from Paddan-aram, and blessed him. And God said to him, ‘Your name is Jacob; no longer shall your name be called Jacob, but Israel shall be your name’. So he called his name Israel. And God said to him, "I am God Almighty: be fruitful and multiply. A nation and a company of nations shall come from you, and kings shall come from your own body. The land that I gave to Abraham and Isaac I will give to you, and I will give the land to your offspring after you. Then God went up from him in the place where he had spoken with him.”

These verses reveal the reality of God in a powerful way because they reveal that the Nation of Israel existing in our world today gets its name from the new name God gave to Abraham's grandson who lived close to 4,000 years ago - the name ISRAEL! This is "solid proof" of the reality of the Mighty God of the Bible because it proves that God really did make a nation from Abraham's descendants as He promised to do!

However this is the only beginning of the many ways the Bible "proves" that the Nation of Israel IS the nation God created to fulfill the infinitely great promises He made to Abraham! The Bible provides a detailed account of how God orchestrated a very interesting series of events to happen by His mighty supernatural powers to make it possible for the family of Israel to relocate into the land of Egypt. The descendants of Israel remained in the land of Egypt for 400 years during which time God miraculously multiplied their numbers from a family of 70 people into a great nation of around two million people! The Egyptians were so intimidated by the numbers of the Israelites they forced them into hard slavery. The Egyptians afflicted the people of Israel in such cruel and brutal ways they cried out to the God of their forefathers, the Mighty God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob/Israel! The LORD heard their cries and He sent a man named Moses to deliver His people out of great affliction and the bondage of slavery in the land of Egypt. The Almighty God then sent ten disastrous plaques upon the land of Egypt, which were awesome miracles greater than anything Mankind has ever witnessed before or since that time, to force the Egyptians to set the Nation of Israel free. All the awesome miracles portrayed in the great old movie "The Ten Commandments" starring Charlton Heston are all recorded in the Bible as real events which really took place, which were a very important part of God's incredible plan to bring the Nation of Israel into existence!

Moses led the descendants of Abraham out of Egypt and through the desert and eventually to their "promised land," the land God had promised to give to Abraham several hundred years before! The LORD helped the Nation of Israel defeat the people living in this land, who were much greater and more numerous, by His mighty supernatural powers. The Nation of Israel took possession of their land about 1450 BC and were established as an independent nation by occupying the land God had promised to Abraham. Their existence in the past is not only documented by the Bible, but also by the written records of world history.

When I made the incredible discovery that the nation of Israel in the world today IS the nation God created from Abraham’s descendants as He promised He would do, I knew I had found much greater "proof" of God's reality than what I had ever hoped or expected to find!

I know God made all this happen to help me, but I believe He made it happen also to use me and what He did in my life to help many others make the same awesome discovery and experience the same great "awakening" I experienced! I hope and pray you are making this great discovery and experiencing this great "awakening" at this very moment!

When I discovered this "solid proof" of God’s reality I was able to believe that He really is the Mighty Creator Who created the entire universe and all the life in this world as the Bible says! Upon realizing that my very life and existence along with the whole world I exist in is an infinitely great gift from God, I began to see how wrong I had been toward The Great Creator by horribly failing to even have a beginning of the thankfulness and appreciation I should have for all He has given to me! God deserves infinite thankfulness, praise, and worship, for all He has created and given to us, but I realized I had never said, "thank you" even one time to God! I had to face the ugly and frightening reality that instead of giving Him the highest place of honor, respect, and importance He deserves, I had used His Holy name in vain my whole life and had disrespected Him by breaking many of His laws over and over again! This is what brought the frightening reality into view that because I had broken many of God's laws, the severe penalty of eternal punishment was placed upon me. Because God became real to me in a very powerful way, this horribly frightening punishment placed upon me became very real also! I knew Jesus wasn’t kidding around or exaggerating when He warned people about this serious punishment many times! It was because of becoming aware in a very real way that the infinitely frightening and dangerous penalty of eternal punishment was placed upon me and that I was actually on my way to stand before Almighty God on the Day Of Judgment and to experience this severe punishment, that I became completely "overwhelmed" with fear!

However, the truth is everyone urgently needs to become aware that this same severe punishment is placed upon them also, because the Bible clearly informs us that God has placed this same punishment upon absolutely all people because they have all broken His laws. Revelation 20:14-15 is about what is going to happen on the great Day Of Judgment and it says, “This is the second death, the lake of fire. And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.” These two verses clearly inform us that all people are condemned to this horrific eternal punishment because verse 15 states that the only people who are going to escape being thrown into the "lake of fire" on this day are those who have their names written in the Book Of Life! People only get their names written in the Book Of Life when they come to God sometime during the life in this world, fearing the eternal punishment placed upon them, to receive Jesus as their Savior so they can be set free from this horribly frightening punishment! When the Day of Judgment comes the only people who are going to have LIFE are those who have taken the only way to escape the eternal punishment placed upon them by receiving Jesus as their Savior, so their names are written in the Lamb's Book Of LIFE!

The fear I felt at this time was much greater than anything I had ever experienced! The thought that I was on my way to a place of eternal punishment that Jesus warned is a place where people will experience extreme pain forever with no hope of ever escaping, was much more than what I could bear! So, I did the only thing I could think of to do, I lifted my head up to the sky and cried out to the Mighty Creator for help simply by saying, "God help me!"

I can’t say that I had a lot of faith in believing God really would help me. I guess this is why I was so shocked and surprised when He really did come and help me! I had so much sin and wrongdoing in my life I felt very afraid that I might have crossed a line by doing too much wrong where there is no hope! Thank God there is no line!

When the words "God help me" left my lips Almighty God came immediately and began to help me! The overwhelming fear I was experiencing was replaced by a very powerful vision of Jesus God brought into my life. This was a very real "living" vision of Jesus as He was suffering and dying on the cross. I could see blood streaming from where huge nails were driven through His hands and feet, and I could see how Jesus was horribly struggling to endure the extreme pain He was experiencing as His life was very slowly coming to an end!

I knew this vision was coming from God because when I cried out to Him for help I had absolutely no thoughts about Jesus, or anything else, on my mind because I was so “overwhelmed” with fear! This was God helping me in the greatest way possible, because Jesus made the only way anyone can be set free from the eternal punishment placed upon them, and when God brought this vision of Jesus into my life He was helping me focus all of my thoughts and attention on the only One Who could help me!

As this vision continued, awesome truth about Jesus came flowing into my life that I had never seen or understood before! I could see so clearly that Jesus had done absolutely nothing wrong and deserved no punishment whatsoever, but He had actually done mountains of good things like healing the lame, giving sight to the blind, and even raising people from the dead!

Then, the greatest truth any human being can ever come to see and understand came into view! This is the truth that when Jesus suffered and died on a cross He did so to take all the penalty and punishment we deserve upon Himself and to make a way people in this world can to free from this horrific punishment! By sacrificing His innocent and perfect life and taking all the punishment we deserve upon Himself, the Great Savior made the way for people in this world to be set free from the extremely frightening and dangerous penalty of eternal punishment God has placed upon all people as a result of breaking His laws! At this point I knew for certain all the incredible things I was experiencing were coming from God, because I knew they could not possibly be coming from me!

It was at this time I experienced the most incredible thing I have ever experienced in my entire life! What happened next is infinitely beyond amazing, because God actually spoke directly to me in words I could clearly understand! God spoke these words directly into my spirit in a way that the words were so big and powerful there was no way I could have missed them! It seemed like God’s words filled up my entire inner being and they were just as clearly understandable as if He had spoken them audibly! I felt the greatest power of love I have ever experienced in my life flowing through these words when God spoke to me and said, "Here is how I can help you!"

When God spoke these words to me He was referring directly to the infinitely great work He was performing in my life at that very moment of time - the work of revealing to me and helping me see and understand how Jesus made the way I could be set free from the severe punishment placed upon me by dying on the cross and taking all the punishment I deserved upon Himself! I feel like I can't even imagine how incredibly fortunate I am that God came and helped me in such an infinitely great way, because the truth about Jesus is the greatest and most valuable truth in existence! This is because being able to understand the truth about what Jesus did and what He accomplished by dying on the cross has the power to set people free from the eternal punishment placed upon them, and to bring God's infinitely great gift of "everlasting life" into their lives!

All the awesome things God did when He came and helped me this day are what made it possible for me to believe and have faith and hope in Jesus, and in what He accomplished! This is what made it possible for me to pray and receive Jesus as my Savior so I could be set free from the infinitely frightening and dangerous eternal punishment placed upon me, and receive the infinitely great gift of salvation He provided!

The Spirit of God continued to lead me, revealing to me that I needed to pray and call on Jesus to receive Him as my Savior so I could be set free from the horribly frightening punishment placed upon me - so this is exactly what I did! I prayed and called on Jesus and confessed to Him that I knew because I had broken many of God’s laws, the severe penalty of eternal punishment was placed upon me. Then I told Jesus that I believed He died on a cross and made the way I could be set free from this horrible punishment. I received Jesus as my Savior by asking Him to forgive all my sins and set me free from the eternal punishment placed upon me that I knew I deserved. I also asked Jesus to come into my life and change me to be what He would like for me to be, and to lead and guide me, and give me the strength to follow Him. 

When I prayed to Jesus and received Him as my Savior, my whole life drastically changed! I was delivered, and set free from all the penalty and punishment of my sins forever! God placed me on His pathway that leads to His glorious eternal promised land, where someday I will enter into His beautiful eternal city and dwell in the presence of The Great Creator and Jesus forever! Knowing this brings so much excitement, joy, and gladness, into my life I am able to keep on celebrating even when things go wrong!

I know now God orchestrated and made all these awesome things happen in my life which made it possible for me to find and receive the infinitely great salvation Jesus provided! It was the mighty power of the Holy Spirit Who brought the powerful awareness of God's reality into my life by helping me discover how the Nation of Israel is “solid” and “living proof” of His reality! However, when I cried out to God for help because of realizing I was condemned to eternal punishment, I actually experienced the awesome and glorious presence of Almighty God Who came and did such powerful works in my life to help me, I am able to be absolutely certain it really was God!

When I received Jesus as my Savior I was “born again” just as Jesus explained in the third chapter of John. When I was born of the Spirit of God I was born into His Spiritual family because the new life came from Him! I became His child, and Almighty God became my Heavenly Father! Now, how infinitely great is this!

When I was "born again" a new person was actually born and a new being came into existence that never existed before! This new person has a completely new set of desires. I don’t want to follow after sin anymore, I want to follow after God! I want to seek to be in His awesome presence and to be as close to Him as possible! I'm not interested in next party anymore, I am interested now in serving God and helping as many people as possible find and receive the infinitely great gift of salvation Jesus has provided for them!

This is a true story based on real events! I hope and pray it might help you somehow! If you need further help you are welcome to contact me at: <DaveTurnerMinistries@gmail.com>

If you think this can help others, please pass it on!

Go with God and be blessed!

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